Top 3 Quality Electric Scooters & Bikes surprisingly affordable and no waiting period

The covid induced supply chain challenges had affected the chips and the electronic components the most. Hence the EVs were most impacted. Even now several top EV brands have backorders running into several months.

Calling up or visiting the EV dealers leads to rejections and disappointments due to these reasons. A few have even ended up selling their test drive vehicles to meet some back orders. 

Its time to look beyond the most famous EV Brands who are suffering availability issues. A few of them are also in the news for all the wrong reasons aka EV Fires.

There are 3 brands which are relatively least affected by the supply chain and the quality issues. The reasons for that are simple viz :

  1. They have higher localisation of parts and components and thus lesser dependance on other countries like China 
  2. They spend more money on R&D and less on Marketing and hence are that well know or renown like a TVS or a Hero or Ather
  3. They aren’t in a hurry to go to market without ensuring all testing and validations done.

1. Okaya

The Okaya group has been one of the leading battery manufacturers in India for the last 30 years. They have recently entered the EV segment but they come with decades of experience, insights and knowhow of battery and BMS which form the heart of any EV

One can book test drive, book and buy Okaya EVs at Jaldi EV right here :


Made in India Electric Vehicles by Shema E-Vehicle & Solar Pvt. Ltd.

SES as they are popularly known in the Industry claim they can supply any number of Electric Vehicles as the market needs. Majority components are localised and proudly made in India by them, hence no supply crunch!

With their roots at Sambalpur, Orissa, Modern R&D facility and state of the art plant at Manesar, Haryana, they have mega plans to have a Pan India network of selling quality vehicles at reasonable prices and offer memorable customer service

One can book test drive, book and buy SES EVs at Jaldi EV right here :

3.Kabira Mobility 

Talk Less, Do More!

This is the guiding philosophy of Kabira Mobility and they truly seem to live up to it.

At the recently held EV India Expo at Delhi NCR, young lads could be seen eagerly awaiting their turn to test drive KM’s sporty and dynamic electric bikes.

They have two plants at Verna Industrial Area Goa and Dharwad, Karnataka.

Jaibir Siwach , CEO, # Kabira Mobility is extremely passionate and bullish on taking  his bikes to each and every major city in India and the world!

Kabira Mobility Electric Bikes shall be available soon at Jaldi EV!

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