Why should you buy your EV from Jaldi EV ?

Why Should You Buy EV From Jaldi EV

By Anuj Guglani , Founder & CEO, WAF Group

Petrol prices have skyrocketed in the last few months. They are hovering around Rs 100/- a litre in every possible city at India

66% of Petrol in India is consumed by Two Wheelers. 

India is one of the few countries where the majority urban 2W Commuters ride more than 35 Kms a day for work and spend 2 hours a day commuting.

Average speeds are around 20 Km per hour and that means jams, snarls and smoke.

An EV especially in the 2W form factor is ideal to solve the problems of Cost of Running, Air and Noise Pollution.

Whether it’s a Mercedes-Benz customer or a 2 Wheeler,  India is obsessed with “Kitna Deti Hai?”

So when it comes to a petrol powered scooter, the cost of running per km is around Rs 2 per km. The cost of running an electric scooter is less than 1/8th of this, around Rs 0.23 per km.

The initial cost of acquisition is a bit higher for the electric scooter because of the battery cost. Their price ranges roughly from Rs 60,000 to more than Rs 1 Lakh. 

But then you can get the Fame 2 subsidy, you incur much lower service cost and cost of running! If you harness battery swapping even the acquisition cost comes down considerably.

Well seems too good to be true. And then comes the great confusion –  Which Electric Vehicle (EV) to go for ?

There are hundreds of 2W EVs of local brands on sale. It’s so easy for traders to import CKD kits from China, assemble them in a small shop or a shanty, put up their brand label and begin to sell the E Scooters.

In the case of Low speed models with top speed upto 25 kmph, no homologation had been required. No registration required. It was like selling a cellphone or a laptop over the counter.

This got exploited by lot of local cos with little experience and knowhow of EVs and we see so many problems like :

  1. Poor Quality of Vehicles 
  2. Poor Service 
  3. Poor Quality of Batteries
  4. No Testing and No Due Diligence and Process followed. 
  5. Leading to EV Fires and other incidents 


Jaldi EV was born with a single minded focussed idea to promote Quality EVs

Jaldi EV belongs to World Auto Forum Group which is a leading Industry think tank and Media co.

So Based on the feedback of the Tech Experts at the Global WAF Community, the teams at Jaldi EV shortlisted a handful EV makers who seem to be doing some basic due diligence in Quality, R&D and Testing of components and vehicles to ensure a quality product experience.
Salient features of Jaldi EV : 

  1. Quality EVs only 
  2. Doorstep Free Test Drive  
  3. Doorstep Dream Delivery of EV 

Hope you enjoy the Jalid EV Experienced and get jaldified!

Jaldi EV is an honest step of showcasing quality EVs. If you feel some models aren’t quality enough or you have some info or first hand experience of quality issues of some models on sale at Jaldi EV, we would look forward to your suggestions and feedback.

Come! Let’s build and promote an Eco-System of Quality EVs for a cleaner, greener and safer India.

Let’s build Jaldi EV together! We can’t do this alone!


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